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Phaeton HOT WHEELS rarest variation pair TOLL FREE Ford Phaeton SEMA Show FE

  • $ 75000

This is one of the rarest Hot wheels variations EVER! 

This first edition FORD PHAETON was introduced at the SEMA show before the release of the '99 Hot Wheels first editions. Mattel produced 4,000 of these with a TOLL FREE number on the side and an extra large Hot Wheels logo. A few were handed out at the show in sealed factory baggies. Someone noticed that the phone number was incorrect, and the cars were pulled from the show. 

Only a precious few in baggies were ever handed out. The rest were to be "destroyed" or oversprayed. But a few ended up in blister packs with the number still visible as a ghost image in the first edition blister packs. I found one of these. I've only heard of 2 others that are actually still packaged and only about 6 or so have ever been reported found in the blister packs. A year or so later I managed to trade for one of the super rare baggied versions. To my knowledge, I have the only "set". 


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