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To combat all the bad news, here's a fun look at some of the NON NEWS from the world of the rich n famous

Posted by Ted Hatfield on


Due to our sad habit of worshiping famous humans, I will be posting real, daily headlines minus the famous person's name followed by my in depth commentary. Famous people generate a ridiculous amount of NON NEWS stories every day.

These stories are of course, the way celebs get free advertising for whatever they are selling. I will post a top 10 list each day until the rapture or until I get bored with it.

Just for the fun of it. But if you want to buy something that I'm selling, that will be ok too. :)


1) “_________ got a tattoo of a lightsaber”

Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


2)“________orders lobster after his win”


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


3) “Stars having a blast at Disneyland”


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


4) “______ apologizes for his bad spelling”


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


5) “_____asks fans to stop throwing gifts onstage”


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


6)“will_______play this year? Better yet, does he even want to?”


nope, better yet = WOOP TEE DOO


7)“How celebrities wear shorts” (yep, it's real)


let's ALL say it together: WOOP TEE DOO


8)“11 times celebs actually gave great diet advice” (what only 11 times?)


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


9)“Why______loves her post baby weight”


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO


10) “50 ____________ outfits that rocked our world” (we are too easily rocked, me thinks)


Commentary: WOOP TEE DOO



stay tuned.................



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