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The LOST photos from Cars N Coffee....

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

The show right before Christmas was a bit overcast with a light rain at the start. There were a few dozen cars and some bikes and radio controlled cars. 

While I was preparing for the upcoming story on Don Blanton's Avanti II, I realized that I didn't have any of the photos of his car from this show. 

After digging thru every folder on my computer, I thought to check my old phone. Sure enough, I had upgraded my phone but forgot to transfer the photos from this show. 

So, here they are. Everything from a grown man on a tiny motorcycle, to a dog dressed in Christmas lights, to a vintage pickup owner with an ornament covered beard. 

I will post only one photo of the Avanti here, be sure to check out the upcoming article to see the rest of the photos. 










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