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Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

I was contacted today by a shipping "business". They apparently had contacted me before to arrange a phone meeting. I wasn't interested, so I ignored the email. The email today had in the subject line that they were interested in one of my products: The El Camino Seat Covers and Carpet set. When I opened the email, it was nothing more than a pitch to do "business" with them. Here's the subject line and the body of the message without the contact info:


Saw the El Camino Seat Covers Set And Carpet on your Shopify store

Hey Tedzstuff founders,

My name is_____and I am part of the sales team over here at_____________.

We are a startup logistics and fulfillment company that works with small businesses to provide a tech friendly and scalable solution for shipping out their products. We integrate directly with Shopify and usually work with clients who do_______shipments a month so I thought it would be great to introduce myself and_________________.

If you are open to connecting, would you be able to hop on a quick ten minute call this week or next for me to introduce myself to you and your team at Tedzstuff? 

I really appreciate the time and look forward to hearing from you!



Here' some advice for future solicitors and fellow sellers. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. Why would I do business with anyone who thinks that lying is part of selling? It's not. The saying is GO BIG OR GO HOME. I say GO HONEST OR GO HOME.  I chose not to promote this "company" by including their name, but if you get these types of emails, let them know that you won't do "business" with liars.

Here at, we might make a mistake now and then, but that can be corrected and will be. However, we will never make up a story to sell anything. The truth has always mattered and will always matter. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.


Thank you for choosing today.



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