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Posted by Ted Hatfield on

Hello from Nashville! 

It was fairly cold to start the day, but it warmed up nicely. The sun stayed for the entire show. Thank you sun. 

The lovely miss Brey brought her own brand of sunshine as always. If you haven't met her yet, make plans for the next first Saturday show. Brey is a very talented performer and Tedzstuff will be featuring her new music video in a future blog. 

Tedzstuff had a wonderful time meeting the very cool people who display their amazing vehicles and those who attended the show. 

We also had the pleasure of meeting 2 very cool, new vendors, Vidal and Sabrina. They were promoting their very cool line of carbon fiber backpacks. 

We managed to provide a diecast car for almost every request.

And of course, the amazing real cars and trucks covered the parking lot. 

Please enjoy the photos below of just a small portion of what was represented at the show. 

Stay tuned for some very special blogs: Brey's video release, an article on the very cool AVANTE, and info on our upcoming MOTORAMA show.

see ya at the next show,



Ted & Brey

Vidal & Sabrina

Brey & a slick Vette

Brey with a very cool '66 Mustang

Sabrina modeling the Vidal Dias carbon fiber backpack

Charles and beautiful Studebaker













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