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Post Show Report: Inagural Wholesale Inc Cruise In

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

This past Saturday, I got to enjoy a nice night at the first ever Wholesale Inc Cruise In held in Madison TN partnered with Nashville Cars N Coffee.  The weather was perfect and the turn out was great! It was a wonderful night to enjoy live music, hot dogs, and raffles while walking around and looking at classic, muscle, luxury cars and more!

Between Novas, Mustangs, and Lamborghinis, you couldn’t leave without seeing something that made your mouth water.

It was so intriguing listening to the different stories about the cars that came out. Some of the stories were personal and close to home and some were retellings. One of my favorite cars was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse that was identical to the one in Fast & Furious. In honor of Paul Walker, the owner had Paul’s picture covering the window.

A couple there had three mustangs that they were presenting! Being a Mustang lover, I was thrilled! They shared that they were mustang collectors and had 400 model cars and die cast cars. That is something I would kill to see.

The atmosphere was family friendly and I enjoyed listening to children describe different years and models of cars. They are being raised up right! Everyone was so easy to talk to and knew a great deal about the car that they were showing. The music was great and really added to the night, and the band did not pack up until the show was over.

At the Tedzstuff booth, there was a variety of hotwheels to choose from. Whether it was a child who wanted a toy or a collector who was planning on keeping it in the package, it was there. Having the option to get a hotwheel to match the live versions of the cars in front of you, really added a lot to the experience.

The night brought back great memories from my childhood and many others, but most importantly it created new ones too.

Allison Hatfield



A huge thank you to our guest blogger this week, Allison Hatfield. Stay tuned for info on our next shows. Enjoy the photos and see ya soon




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