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Post Show Report: Cars N Coffee Nashville Oct 13, 2018

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

BIG will be the regular diecast vendor at Nashville Cars N Coffee.

Our debut last Saturday at Nashville Cars N Coffee was a blast. There was a parking lot full of very cool cars and trucks, along with some very cool people immersed in the car cultures of many different auto-genres. 

I am hoping to launch my new blog series soon that will tell the back stories of some of the interesting builds of these amazing vehicles. Stay tuned for that.

Some of the stand outs for me were the party hearse, the father & son Cougar build, and the Teslas. I had a very unexpected and impromptu opportunity to actually test drive a Tesla after the show was over. I had a friendly back and forth about electric cars vs gas motors. The all in fun smack-talk led to the test drive. These folks were very cool and sold me on the Tesla. It's an amazing car with a lot of surprising power. Hopefully, I will be able to get a blog out about the Tesla very soon. 

Be sure to come see me every Saturday at Nashville Cars N Coffee and on Oct 27th at the Trunk or Treat in Rivergate. Stay tuned for the official announcement for that show. 

Enjoy the photos and we will see you at the next show.








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