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Posted by Ted Hatfield on

Just when you think the "rainy Saturday syndrome" is going to claim another victim, along comes the 8th Annual Tennessee Motorama. The weather forecast was bleak but the crowds showed up along with some amazing exhibitors and vendors. 

The show was completely inside at the Wilson County Fairgrounds and was flawlessly planned. Scooter Williams really knows how to put on a Car show. 

There were some truly amazing rides all around the venue, as you will see in the photos below. My next door neighbor at the show was a couple with a gorgeous Edsel. I won't give much away here, but I am planning a blog on their '66 Ford Mustang convertible and the very cool back story of this great classic car. Watch for that. 

The crowd was steady and super fun. Car culture people are the best. I made some new friends to be sure.

All of the cars were great but as always, I had a few favorites. I got to stare at a beautiful Chevelle set up across from me all day. The Edsel as I mentioned earlier was fantastic. It's not often that we see an Edsel at a show. There was also a super rare, all original Thunderbolt at the show. It's a museum quality street eater. And our good buddy Eric was there with his gold, bubble topped, life sized hot wheel. Fun times.

If you missed it, be sure to watch for our next show date. The weather is always dicey during the winter, so be sure to check back often for updates. 

Enjoy the photos and see ya at the next show,









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