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I Spiced Up My Thanksgiving at CURRY HOUSE Fine Indian Cuisine

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

Hello Tedzstuff fans. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the day with a couple of my kids. I'm still rebounding from a recent surgery, so I didn't feel like cooking this year. We drove around Smyrna, TN for a bit, searching for a place to have our Thanksgiving lunch. We were about to give up when we spotted a new restaurant called CURRY HOUSE. The outside looked like every other strip mall business, but once inside, we realized we had stumbled onto something special.

The decor' was calming, classy, and cultured. We felt at home right away. The staff was amazingly attentive and clearly intent on giving us an upscale experience. I chose the Shrimp Jal Frazie. I admit that I asked for the mild version, which was still spicey enough and cooked to perfection. The tea they served should be bottled and sold everywhere.

It was a great dining experience and I would recommend this spot to anyone. It would be a great first date destination. CURRY HOUSE also has a private room for small groups. They offer catering, carryout, delivery and a buffet. They are located at 669 President Place (near Publix) in Smyrna, TN.

Tell them Ted from Tedzstuff sent ya.


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