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CYBER MONDAY STUFF!!! Tedz Ten Percent Off the Top Today Only!!!

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

Welcome to Tedzstuff! It's Cyber Monday and Tedz Ten % off the Top Today Sale.

Here's how it works:

1) Check out our variety of STUFF categories

2) Find some STUFF that you like

3) Contact us for the additional 10% off of your STUFF

4) Proceed to checkout with your STUFF

5) Wait patiently by your mailbox for your STUFF to arrive (even if it's raining)

6) Make happy noises when your STUFF arrives

7) enjoy your STUFF

***Real autos are not eligible for this Cyber Monday deal, but contact us for other promotions if your STUFF of choice is a Roush Mustang or other vehicle on our site.***

***The Customer Referral Program is valid during Cyber Monday. So, refer a friend or foe and when they buy, you get 15% of the selling price as your bonus***

Thank you for choosing Tedzstuff on CYBER MONDAY!

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