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Roush Mustangs: Let's Talk Numbers

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

Let's talk numbers: 2010

2010 was a short production year for Ford Mustangs and a very short production year for the high performance Roush Mustang. There were less than 1,000 Roush Mustangs for 2010.

Tedzstuff has 4 of the Roush 2010s on our site. First up is the 427R convertible in Sterling Gray Metallic with 5 speed, charcoal black interior and 435 HP. Sterling Gray Metallic was a brand new color for 2010. There were less than 10 of these produced.

Next is the 427R coupe in Kona Blue with 5 speed, black interior, and 435 HP. Kona Blue proved to be a very popular color for 2010 with 32 being produced. That's still a very rare car by any standard.

Next stop, the stage 3 cars. We have a Candy Red Metallic with 5 speed, black interior and a heart thumping 540 HP. There were only a couple of these produced. Beauty and the beast in one car. We also have the stage 3 in Black with gray stripes. It also has the black interior and that same 540 HP. Scary, in a good way. There were only 4 of these produced.

Rare, beautiful, powerful, legendary.


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