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CVS Pharmacy slams the brakes on the SONIC SATURDAY NIGHT CAR SHOW

Posted by Ted Hatfield on

April 16, 2016: CVS manager shuts down LA VERGNE TN CAR SHOW

Last night might be the last Saturday Car Show at CVS Pharmacy in La Vergne. Somer Williams has brilliantly organized and hosted this great car show for 5 years at this same location without a problem. She and her mother have the SONIC Drive IN next door, and have a great reputation for running a great place to eat and for providing a safe, fun place for classic car enthusiasts to show and tell.

Here's what we know so far. According to reports, the Car group that was showing on Fridays at CVS had some kind of "run-in" with the CVS manager and they were asked to leave. The Friday group is not officially affiliated with the Saturday Car folks. Evidently, the CVS manager thought otherwise and was offended that the Saturday crowd showed up "anyway". This would have been a matter of a simple misunderstanding if the manager had handled himself like a professional. But he chose to verbally attack one of the nicest people you will ever want to meet: Somer. The manager used extremely demeaning language in front of Somer's family, friends, and shocked first time participants.

In spite of being humiliated in front everyone, Somer proved to be the consistent professional and made a tearful announcement that the show would have to find another location. She assured the crowd, that she would find a place as soon as possible. The new location will be posted right here on TEDZSTUFF.COM.  The manager of CVS still has an opportunity to save face, save business that he will surely lose as a result of this lapse in judgement, and possibly keep the show at CVS. It's really Somer's call, who we all will certainly support.

So, here's the call out to all local classic car guys & gals. Be on the look out for a bigger location, support Somer & Sonic, and take your pharmacy business elsewhere. In a capitalistic society, we vote with our dollar. So let's vote Yes for Somer & Sonic, and a resounding NO to CVS.

BE sure to check back on for the new location of the show and watch for the Brand New Product announcements from the one and only, Somer Williams.









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